This page has just a few of the many video and animation projects I have been involved with over my career. If you would like to see more, please visit my youTube channel  

Demo Reel


CLIENT: Various

Demo Reel - A compilation reel showing a variety of animation, both 2D and 3D, motion graphics, compositing and VFX styles and techniques.

Motion Graphics


CLIENT: Steak N Shake

"Good News in Neon"  |  Added the text to the card and created and animated the neon sign.

CLIENT: St. Joseph Hospital

"Emergency Department"  |  Motion graphics integrated into the video. Series of commercials in this style.

CLIENT: Centennial Wireless

"Swithing Moment #25"  |  Series of 56 commercials. Art Direction, Technical Direction and Animation.

CLIENT: Eli Lilly and Company

"Vision Jam"  |  Kinetic Type animation.

CLIENT: St Vincent Heart Hospital

"Open Heart"  |  Integrated motion graphic to give a heartbeat feel.

CLIENT: St Vincent Heart Hospital

"Door to Balloon"  |  Integrated motion graphics to give a heartbeat feel.

CLIENT: Union Federal Bank

"Rewards"  |  Motion tracking of numbers and ending animation.

CLIENT: Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra

"Langston Hughes: Ask Yo Mamma"  |  Promo for a 3-Night Event. What a cool experience!



CLIENT: Hoosier Lottery

"Double Blackjack"  |  2D animation

CLIENT: Hoosier Lottery

"Shuffler"  |  3D cards added to shuffler

CLIENT: Martin's Supermarkets

"Making the Grade"  |  3D animated worm

CLIENT: Polaroid

"IDeas"  |  2D animation from a single information sheet.


"Is it time for YOU?"  |  2D animation

CLIENT: Illiana Financial Credit Union

"Where you come first"  |  2D animation

CLIENT: Carpenter Realtors

"More"  |  2D animation

CLIENT: American Advertising Federation

"Portfolio Show"  |  2D animation - Kinetic

CLIENT: Eli Lilly and Company

"Roma Conference: Day 1 (excerpt)"  |  3D and 2D animation

CLIENT: Citizens Gas

"Chat PSA"  |  2D animation

Visual FX


CLIENT: Community Health Network

"Inheritance"  |  3D fireflies and ending 2D animation.

CLIENT: Martin's Supermarkets

"Holiday Shopper"  |  Extended the height of Santa's bag. Creted a holiday card ending which they printed.

CLIENT: St Joseph Hospital

"Emergency Department"  |  3D-2D opening animation and paralax shift with photos to give movement.

CLIENT: Kentucky Tourism

"Unbridled"  |  Integrated 2D to give "spirit" to the spot.